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Dissertation: Overview

Research Question
In Ontic Structural Realism, one of the primary objections to the framework is the relations-without-relata objection.
  1. Can there be relations without relata?
  2. If yes, then how do you explain the ontological status of objects which populate our daily life? Specifically, how can we conceive of such objects as nodes in a supposed structure?
  3. If no, then how do you resolve the problem of theory change without recourse to a structuralist framework?
Current Stage

The Problem of Reference for Epistemic Structural Realism (ESR)

Work on Upcoming Paper Submissions

Topic: What Structural Realism can learn from the Complex Systems Approach

What are you reading these days?

Current area of reading 1: Existential Nihilism

Reading: The Conspiracy against Human Race (Peter Wessel Zapffe)

Current area of reading 2: Behaviourism

Reading: Beyond Freedom and Dignity (B.F. Skinner)

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