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Dissertation: Overview

Research Question
Ontic Structural Realism is one of the recent and rigorously developing metaphysical systems within the domain of scientific metaphysics.
  1. Objections to Ontic Structural Realism
  2. Possible Rejoinders to the Objections
Current Stage

Do entities and processes of fundamental physics invoke entities and processes of special sciences? I claim that they do. I provide two conceptual frameworks to understand my claim:

  1. Origin of Wholes: Previously independent existents combine and integrate to form wholes which are novel environments (in my terms, ecologically fit niches) that enable parts to retain their internal structures in changing environments (I apply the notion of metapatterns and combogensis to examine this insight); and
  2. Sustenance of Wholes: As the environment changes, certain wholes survive insulating the parts from the changing conditions of environment.

Work on Upcoming Paper Submissions

Topic: Wholes as Ecologically Fit Niches for Parts

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