I am a research fellow at University of Delhi (India) and my primary research is the relations-without-relata objection against Ontic Structural Realism and Process Structural Realism. During my previous research period (MPhil), I have explored the emergence of mind from the brain, through complex systems approach.

My engagement with structural realism began with the inclination to build a metaphysical proof for emergence, within the context of emergence-panpsychism debate in philosophy of mind. A survey of debate on emergence and panpsychism indicated that there is a lack of metaphysical framework which demonstrated the possibility of emergence. This led me to wondering: "In what kind of world does emergence make sense?". As I explored structural realism, I found that one of the major issues facing Ontic Structural Realism is the relations without relata objection. Though there have been attempts to answer it, there are still heavy doubts and the issue remains. My doctoral thesis engages with this objection, by exploring the foundation of structures and processes through philosophy of chemistry.

Adjoining this exploration is the development of Process Structural Realism, which I believe can alleviate the relations without relata objection. PSR has its own set of explanatory gaps and conceptual inconsistencies which require heavy attention and I intend to examine in my forthcoming works.

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